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4 HR Tips for a New Business to Consider

If you’re starting a small business in California, hats off to you! We encourage and support entrepreneurial, and, after years assisting small businesses handle legal issues, we understand that you may face some challenges and hope this blog post helps to prepare you.4 human resources-related laws to consider

1. California’s Fair Pay Act. By now, most businesses owners are aware that, in a nutshell, women need to be paid the same as men for the same job.  However, new requirements, unclear standards, and burdens of proof are adding a level of confusion for many employers.

2. Minimum Wage. Make sure all workers are paid according to California’s minimum age requirements. Businesses in Los Angeles and a few nearby cities, including Santa Monica and Pasadena, with more than 25 workers are required to increase their minimum wage from the state-mandated $10 to $10.50 per hour.

3. Arbitration Agreements. We’ve talked about it before, but consider including arbitration clauses in your employment agreements.1428647011_address_book-128

4. Reasonable Accommodations. If your employee has a disability that requires a reasonable accommodation, make sure that your managers understand their obligations, including how to respond appropriately.

Human resources issues can be a huge thorn in a small business owners’ side.  Indeed, it is often one of the more complicated aspects of running a small business. Yet HR ignoring it is not an option. Why not? It touches almost every area of running a business, from payroll to maintaining employee files, and more.

For more information on how to maintain a business while staying within ‘safe’ HR limits, contact the experienced employment lawyers at Hart, Watters & Carter today.